Door closes.

The countdown begins.

60 min.

Puzzles and mazes in your way out.

Are you ready to escape?

Teams of 2 to 6 members.

A game suitable for those who enjoy puzzles and challenges.

Think out of the Box!


These is the Skill requeried for such a fun activity.

A different way to learn about Faro and its history.


The first book ever printed in Portugal was made in Faro in the year 1487 by Samuel Gacon.


It was a religious work called "Pentateuch."


The only known copy of the first edition is on display at the British Library in London.


It was taken by Francis Drake when his army plundered the city in the early 16th century.

What Francis Drake was unaware of was the importance of a loose sheet hidden in the book.


A manuscript that allowed the population to escape when the city was under siege.


Find it and you will know how to Escape!


(per game)


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Rua da Cruz, 13

8000-078 Faro